About Us

Our mission is to help individuals and organisations maximise their potential.

We aim to:

  Increase the professionalism of managers

  Be recognised and respected training and development partners

  Help people grow their confidence and maximise their potential

  Support SME’s by providing a flexible resource in people development at affordable rates

  Provide friendly approachable support to leaders at all levels

  Support better communication in the business environment

Director’s Message

I started Strategic professionals in 2013, we initially partnered with small companies in the bathroom industry but then expanded to work with a wide range of public and private sector organisations.

As a small friendly business, we get to know our clients and their needs to develop positive ongoing relationships. We try to be a flexible resource and partner our clients in many areas of their business. We have successfully worked with a range of companies across a variety of industries but have a unique specialism in the KBB sector.

My background has shaped the company as I incorporate my academic teaching into each venture, we aim to arm our clients with knowledge as well as delivering an bespoke service.
I have worked in a variety of roles, starting in customer service, building up to marketing and product manager followed by national account management. I then opted to leave the industry and begin my career as a lecturer. I taught management, sales and marketing to professionals at various colleges and universities across the UK. I noticed that companies tend to miss the importance of on the job training and how priceless it can be.

I decided to combine my professional industry experience and my years in academia to create Strategic Professionals. A small group of trainers and consultants collaborating to direct and support businesses to reach their full potential.

Sharon Southcott BA (Hons), MSc, Cert Ed, ISMM Dip, CMgr MCMI.

Strategic Professionals Director.

Strategic Professionals Director

As a former Product Manager and National Account Manager in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom (kbb) sector, Sharon has a unique insight into the industry. She became a Marketing and Management Lecturer and Assessor before returning to industry as a trainer and mentor. As the director of Strategic Professionals, Sharon is a Chartered Manager, qualified Marketer and Management trainer.

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